Thinking about a Dog-Friendly Cottage?

Choosing a Dog-Friendly Cottage

Thinking about a Dog-Friendly Cottage? A vacation rental home perfect for your pets can be found all around the United States and even worldwide! If you’re planning a trip or moving to another city, consider booking your vacation rental home in a Dog-Friendly Cottage in the Washington DC Metro Area. There are literally hundreds of vacation homes for dogs to select from an amazing assortment, just know if you’re not really sure where to start! Here, we have compiled a helpful list of what to look for when book your dog-friendly cottage to assist you to narrow your search down.


The number one concern

when it comes to booking a vacation rental home for pets is that they are available. Many vacation cottages are not a pet-friendly choice because owners may be concerned about other pets being left at the facility or the cottage. When searching for a vacation cottage, the number one thing you want to check out is whether or not it is dog-friendly. You can easily check online for amenities in a dog-friendly cottage or simply contact the owners directly to ask them about whether or not they allow pets at the holiday cottage. If the owners do not respond or are unwilling to answer, then move on to another cot.


Next, think about the physical layout of the vacation cottages

you are considering. Is it close to amenities? If not, how does the dog get access to those amenities? Many dog-friendly cottages have large fenced-in areas that allow your pet to run loose while you are on vacation, but if this is not possible with your particular cottage, you may need to find an indoor/outdoor kennel or an enclosed garden area.


Another feature you want to look

into when choosing a dog-friendly cottage is the availability of dog-walking, pet-packing, and related services. If the owner says he/she will be able to provide all these services, but the cottage is not pet-friendly, move on – another vacation rental would be more suitable. But if the owner says he/she can provide all services mentioned, but the location isn’t pet-friendly, it’s worth at least trying out the other options first to see which one has better access to dog walking, dog parks, and other services.


Many dog-friendly cottages

also have additional amenities such as dog walks. How many dog walks do you typically take with your pet each year? Will you be able to bring your pet with you on your vacation cottage visits? Dog walks can be a pain – especially if the cottage is isolated from the rest of the village. In addition to providing convenient access to your dog, walking your dog regularly provides important exercise for both of you.


Other typical features of pet-friendly cottages

are well-kept gardens, proper utilities, good entertainment options (like a golf course, or other activities), and many other such amenities. For example, a popular cottage in Ireland boasts numerous swimming pools for canine enjoyment. You can also find cottages with top-notch security systems. Just make sure to check out the amenities before booking your vacation rental to ensure it meets your expectations.

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