the wind and solar power jobs

Wind and Solar Power Jobs – Why They’re Driving the Clean Energy Business

Clean Energy is a broad umbrella term that encompasses many related initiatives. Policymakers and environmentalists around the world must come up with ways to realize the potential benefits of clean energy. The technologies to harness clean energy have matured and become more efficient. The policy must also face a host of other issues in developing clean energy policies which clean energy incentives alone won’t solve.


The development of the clean energy industry

has grown at a rapid pace. Policymakers and environmentalists have been largely successful in reducing the cost and pollution of fossil fuel use. However, these efforts have had limited success in stemming climate change and global warming because the focus of the clean energy industry is primarily to develop technologies that can cheaply generate electricity from a renewable source such as wind or solar power. In the end, if the solution to climate change and the resultant global warming is to be found from technological advancements rather than relying on political decision-making, then why do we need clean energy?


The growth of the clean energy industry

needs to be accompanied by an increased awareness among policymakers and citizens that the sources of energy that come from fossil fuels need to be limited if the planet is to remain healthy for future generations. It would be unrealistic to think that fossil fuels could be used to meet the energy demands of the world in the next 25 years. Even if all current efforts to develop clean energy sources yield only a portion of the world’s energy requirements in this time frame, it will still have a dramatic impact on the global economy.


The main reason why governments allocate resources

towards clean energy is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon dioxide (the primary cause of global warming), methane, and nitrous oxide pose significant threats to the health of human beings and the planet. Moreover, because fossil fuels are in plentiful supply, the only means to overcome resource inadequacy challenges is to develop large-scale sustainable renewable energy production. It should be noted that the transition to clean energies will take a considerable amount of time.


The two major clean energy technologies 

solar and wind power – are becoming more widespread across the US. At the same time, advances in technology are resulting in cheap, efficient, and reliable electric vehicles (EVs). There are many reasons why these technologies are now so prevalent. However, one of the largest and most important reasons for their growing popularity is the fact that they are extremely cost-competitive with traditional fossil fuel electricity-generating systems.


Solar and wind power have grown tremendously in recent years

because of government support and encouragement programs. The federal government has mandated that all eligible American households apply for federal stimulus money to purchase or finance residential solar power systems. The solar industry has also benefitted from generous subsidies offered by state governments. While there is still a long way to go, these technologies are starting to be installed on a broader scale and are beginning to replace fossil fuels as the premier clean energy sources. As the momentum toward clean energy and a healthier environment continues to grow, the business opportunities for those in the solar and wind power industries are also beginning to increase. As a result, there are now more jobs in the energy industry than ever before.

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