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The Top Five Best Country Songs

Country music has been around for a long time, but it came into its own during the twentieth century. Nowadays, country music continues to be a popular type of music for concerts, videos, radio shows, and even on television. In the last few years, the popularity of country music has grown exponentially in all walks of life. With the rise of stars like Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, David Archuleta, Luke Kelley, Nancy Sinatra, and others, country music is enjoying a massive rise in popularity. Below, you will find a list of some of the top country songs for concerts, movies, TV shows, etc.


It’s Good to be Alive by The Black Eyed Peas: This is probably my favorite country song ever. This song tells the tale of how a young girl witnesses a bus accident and is traumatized by the sight of her friends getting killed. The singer expresses her sorrow and regret for all those lost, while also hoping that one day, the world will look “better” since those lost souls have been gone. This song has recently made many rounds as a country music hit. This is another favorite of mine.

Ballad of Big Medicine by Johnny Cash: This is a song that has been covered by many country music artists like Merl Clark, Merle Travis, along with others. It’s about a man who gets fired from his job because he overdoes his medication and becomes addicted. The narrator reminds him not to let his addiction take control of his life; instead of taking drugs, he should have used better coping mechanisms like work and family. To this day, I’m always reminded of the terrible toll overdosing can have on someone’s life, in the same way that losing one’s job can be detrimental to a person’s well-being.


If you are looking for a great song about overcoming rejection or tough love, listen to Blue Moon of Kentucky. This is one of my favorite country songs, sung by Amy Lee. It talks about the rejection that many country artists have faced throughout their career, but it also showcases how hard country music fans have to face the world and how hard country music fans have to battle with the barriers of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. It also showcases how music can transcend many barriers and unite people through a common cause. Blue Moon of Kentucky is a true representation of what the country is all about.

A Day In The Life of a Woman by Bob Dylan: This country song was inspired by the unsolved murder of socially outcast female artist Yusef Islam. This song deals with revenge, the sadness that comes with such an act of violence and how the killer was still on the run even after being found guilty for this crime. Many critics have commented that the focus of this song is to depict the loneliness of a country woman going through a divorce. The song doesn’t focus directly on a relationship between a woman and a man, although the memories and emotions that come from it certainly make up for that. For some this country song is still the best country song ever made.


One nation, one song, one life: Elvis Presley’s “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” is probably the most covered country song. Many versions of this timeless country tune have been recorded since it came to the forefront and became number one in the country chart. This is an amazing example of blending music and lyrics; with perfect timing too. It’s one of the main reasons why this king of rock and roll has made a name for himself, not only with his own music but also with his movies and TV shows. You owe it to yourself to hear this classic country song for sure.

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