The Most Common Safety And Legal Issues

Know Your FRAS Plates – Addressing Some Of The Most Common Safety And Legal Issues

FRAS Plates are a family of products that are used for armor plate applications. The plates are primarily used by the military but they are also becoming popular among the non-military sector. In essence, the plate is a solid wall designed to absorb impact and prevent penetration. While the material was originally developed for the US Armed Forces, the name’FRAS’ stands for “file-oriented metal strip”, indicating that the plate is designed for fastening armor plate on the inside of an armored vehicle or shield. These items are relatively inexpensive when compared to the standard steel plates, and have been successfully used by the military for years.


As stated before, the name itself has nothing to do

with what the item is. Most FRAS products are steel plates used for indoor and/or outdoor applications, which are generally intended for indoor use like fencing, interior fittings, and door panels. They are designed to be extremely lightweight, with the ability to be used without the support of a frame. Because of this lightweight characteristic, they can often be used in combination with other products to create complete solutions. There are many options available when using these products, due to their versatility and durability.


FRAS plates are typically used on door

and window panels and other interior applications that require heavy-duty protection. Because of this, they typically come in single pieces that are bolted together. However, the bolt and plate designs can be combined to create a more secure solution. They can also be formed into panels, such as a garage door panel.


The strength and durability of the plate

are largely determined by the alloy used in their manufacture. FRAS is commonly manufactured out of aluminum or titanium. Both of these metals are extremely strong and durable, but because of their weight, they are typically only used in industrial applications. To achieve strength, DuraFlip uses a quenching process to achieve incredible weight loss. The combination of a light plate and strong reinforcement allows them to withstand the impact of many objects and provide the level of protection needed.


FRAS plates are often used in a variety of applications

to protect vehicles. However, the primary focus of the plates is to provide added structural support for a vehicle’s structural integrity. As a result, they can also be used in many motorcycle and scooter applications. FRAS plate armor is often designed to meet and exceed U.S. Department of Defense safety standards.


With their many uses and attractive design

FRAS plates are ideal for protecting a wide variety of valuable and semisolid assets. For instance, FRAS plates can be used to add extra strength and security to oversized door panels. As a result, these plates can be used as barriers or as overhead guardrails. Because of their unique design, these plates can even be custom-sized to fit any precise application. If you have assets that need added protection, consider FRAS plates for optimum protection at a fair price.

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