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Philadelphia Union Flag On June 14, 17 77, Just Before dawn

American Flag Day is a celebration of all the things the American flag stands for. It is a day to celebrate our nation and all it stands for. From the very beginning, the United States of America was conceived as a symbol of liberty and democracy for all people. Throughout history, we have been a country built by and for all people, and as such we celebrate the diversity of our nation without discrimination.


The first holiday

celebrated with the American Flag being displayed was in 1776 when President Washington asked the people of Boston to raise a standard of the Stars and Stripes on their consuls. This was done as a sign of support for the fledgling country that was beginning to form out of the revolutionary war. Since that time we have seen many other events occur that have made July fourth a very special holiday for all Americans. A lot of historical and political significance can be found throughout the seasons and as the American Flag flies high there are many ways to celebrate this great national holiday.


Historically American Flag Day

began as a commemoration of the victory of American troops at the Battle of Boston. On this day American soldiers were overcome with grief as they killed innocent citizens in what would turn out to be one of the greatest battles in the history of the United States. American soldiers from all around the world came to help end this battle and American soldiers were honored with a special holiday. It was called Distichards Day and American soldiers were presented with an American Flag upon leaving for battle. Over the years the holiday that was started by American soldiers has come to include lots of fun and entertainment.


Today American Flag Day

is even more important because it honors those who have given their lives for the United States. Several events can be considered American Flag Day, including the five designated American Flags that have been flying over Washington, DC. In addition to the flags, many people like to wear special outfits to honor the troops and the veterans that put their lives on the line for the United States. Some of these outfits are made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and they have become quite popular over the years.


Philadelphia Union Flags

is among the most popular American Flag Day gifts that you can give to someone who is a member of the military or if you have relatives that are members of the armed forces. There is a lot of history in Philadelphia and it is worth visiting to see all of it. There is the Independence Monument, which was built during the time of Oliver Cromwell and his time during the war with England. The second-largest statue of the President of the United States is located in Philadelphia also. Several places throughout the city house important collections of books, movies, and monuments related to American history and American Flag Days.


If you plan to be in Philadelphia on June 14th,

you will see a lot of historic places and museums. There is also the Philadelphia International Airport, which serves as the world’s busiest airport. Many people fly in from all around the world and many of these people are vacationing in this city. On this day you can join other American Flags enthusiasts in raising the American Flag outside of Philadelphia. This is part of a tradition in Philadelphia to raise the American flag every June fourteen during the nation’s Independence Day celebrations.

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