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Office Design and Zoning – Creating the Perfect Workplace

In these challenging times, everyone needs an office space with the right amount of storage and other features. Whether you are starting a new business or simply moving out of your parents’ house, having a place to call your own is very important. You want the perfect place that you feel comfortable in, yet also practical enough to keep your important papers and supplies. Choosing the right office can be a challenge, but you can narrow down your choices and make the most of your resources. Consider these six tips to help you find the best office for you.


First, consider the space. Are you looking for a home office, a corner suite, an L-shaped room, or a bean bag chair? Everyone has seen inspiring pictures of the swanky open plan offices in Silicon Valley startup’s offices, and these perks are rarely found in the standard office environment: low ceilings, open floor plans, and plenty of space to spread out. However, if you need a place with enough productivity to encourage creativity, then you should look for a place with enough room for a large table and office desk, or plenty of surface area for a cubicle without any walls. Some of the newer, more spacious suites come with desks, cubicles, and even gyms and exercise areas for after work fun.

Second, consider the amenities. With more companies are opening up in cities around the country, a large percentage of office space will be dedicated to retail businesses. These businesses may sell books, snacks, coffee, or snacks like donuts and granola bars, but they will all be put into the same open space, creating the same, uniform look. While you do want a break room for employees to gather around and work out of after work affairs, the majority of your office space should have a few private areas for your phone to ring, a media center for meetings, or even a personal locker for filing personal records. If there are multiple different areas for these purposes, then you have more freedom to create your own “office space.”


Third, consider the amenities. Public offices are usually open plan and feature a few covered areas for parking or other necessities. More private spaces, on the other hand, will be more open and have more freedom to customize. Some of the best office spaces are ones that allow you to be creative, but do not compromise safety. Look for an office building that has fire escapes, a back-up generator in the event of a power failure, a phone alarm system, and a large window for a view of the city.

Lastly, think about the office design and style. Most modern offices are light-filled and airy, with plenty of natural light coming in through windows and doors. Private workplaces can vary, depending on what you are trying to accomplish, but often have high ceilings and exposed electrical wiring. If you are looking for privacy, a large window is the way to go, while if you need more space, opt for one with a closed ceiling.


Overall, open-plan offices with lots of freedom are perfect for creativity and innovation. However, it’s important to make sure that your workspace is functional, useful, and conducive to productivity. With all the zones and configurations available today, you should have no trouble coming up with a workplace layout that meets your needs. Good luck with your office layout, and may all your zones be a source of inspiration!

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