Installing A Flagpole

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build your own flagpole? It’s not as hard as you may think it is. There are a few key steps involved that are easy for anyone to do. Even if you’ve never done this kind of project before, building your own flagpole can be an interesting project that will give you pride and satisfaction when finished. Here are the four simple steps necessary to successfully build a flagpole:


First, locate your flagpole

You should always position it in an area that will allow for plenty of space to get underneath it and climb up into the tree. If you’re doing a pent flagpole, make sure that there is at least 10ft between the flagpoles and the nearest tree. This allows for plenty of room to maneuver under the flagpoles for maximum safety.


Second, locate your external halyard

Your external halyard serves two purposes. One, it gives you the power to raise and lower your flag without walking off the edge of the flagpole. Two, it provides support for the bottom of the flagpole, which is extremely important if you are installing heavier flagpoles. An external halyard is located about halfway between the tip of the flagpole and the ground sleeve.


Third, you need to cut the flagpole to size with a hack saw or utility knife

Make sure to adjust the angle of the blade so that it cuts at a 45-degree angle. Once cut, you should use a flagpole halyard kit or cleat to anchor the cleat to the flagpole. Be sure to screw the cleat down using a drill.


Fourth, after the flagpole is all set up to its permanent position, you need to install the flagpole sitter

The best way to set up the sitters is to stand them in front of the flagpole and raise the flagpole about two feet off the ground, just enough to clear the area surrounding the flagpole. Then, the flagpole sitter simply clips onto the flagpole securely. Once secured, he is ready to begin raising the flag. Be sure the flagpole is pointed directly at the approaching vehicle.


Fifth, to complete the installation of your flagpole, you should nail the flagpole sitters to the flagpole securely

Then, attach the cleat pads to the cleat frame, raising the flagpole to its final position. Finally, attach the backing to the flagpole, ensuring it is centered. Finally, attach an eyelet to secure the bottom of the flagpole to the ground, being careful to avoid obstacles such as small trees or power lines.

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