How To Reduce Your Electricity Usage

how to reduce business electricity usage

Electricity usage comes in many different forms and appliances are used in many different ways in many different industries, with the single most popular uses of electricity coming in; Home and Car use. In Home use it can be found in; Central heating, cooking, lighting and ventilation. On the other hand in the Car industry we find; Heating, Ventilation, Running Lights, Entertainment and even a few things for the interior. These appliances consume electricity so having an efficient electrical system is vital. We now want to look at how to reduce business electricity usage, so we can all save on the huge bills that companies leave us every month.

For most businesses the biggest expense comes in the form of electric bill, if you’re looking to reduce your usage and have a more environmentally friendly workplace this is essential. The first thing to do is to calculate your usage by task; how much electricity do you use on a daily basis to run your office? Now think about how many devices you have in your workplace that requires electricity like printers, faxes, computers and speakers. Once you’ve done these calculate the number of hours in a week you spend working and factor this in to your weekly electric bill.

Solar power can save you money

To reduce your electricity usage to use solar power, wind power or green energy. Solar power can save you money on your energy bill and the sun can provide a constant source of free energy which is ideal during the day. Windmills can be used at your place of business to reduce your need for coal, gas and electricity. Both of these provide a natural source of energy that is reliable and renewable.

The next step is to get a device called energy usage meters to measure your consumption. This device is called a portable meter, which you can take with you and measure your consumption as you work, go to the toilet or just about anything that requires electricity. These meters come in different shapes and sizes to suit your requirement. The size of the meter is based on the amount of energy it will measure. You can buy a small one to use while you are at home or you can go for a larger one when you are away from home. These meters are easy to use and portable and you can keep it with you at all times.

energy-efficient lamps

There are also some things you can do to reduce your energy usage and one of them is by changing your lighting habits. One of the biggest users of electricity is the light bulb and if you bulbs don’t last long they tend to consume a lot of energy. So the best way to reduce your consumption is by replacing the bulbs with new energy-efficient lamps. Another way of reducing energy usage is by changing to energy-efficient appliances. Energy-efficient appliances not only consume less energy, they also help you reduce your monthly utility bills.

A more efficient way to reduce your electricity usage is by installing efficient windows and doors. Energy-efficient doors and windows to help you reduce the amount of warm air inside the house. These new doors and windows can help you save up to 40% of your heating bill. In addition to this, if you install energy-efficient windows, you can also expect your cooling bills to reduce.

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