How To Reduce Eye Strain?

how to reduce eye strain with the right glasses

Besides doing different exercises to reduce eye stress, other factors could help reduce eye stress. This is a problem which is faced by many people today. They are not able to see clearly because of the strain in their eyes caused by staring. If you want to work and solve your homework easily, then you should improve your eyesight. Apart from using appropriate tools like contact lenses or glasses, you can also use a variety of simple tips like these. Here are 4 key tips to reduce eye stress.


switch off all your computers when you are working.

It’s better to use your desk for some other work instead of keeping your computer near your workstation. If you need to use your computer, then keep it at a reasonable distance from your monitor so that you can keep your hands free for some other work. Similarly, switch off the white shades of your monitor and use some contrast shades to minimize the glare.


while working, try to use your monitor in the same way

as you usually do. Sit up straight in your chair and don’t rest your back on the chair back. Keep your forearms on your chair at all times. This will not only help you keep your focus on the computer screen but will also minimize the strain on your eyes. It is a known fact that people who sit straight up and keep their forearms on their chair face the monitor have better concentration and are more alert than people who keep their forearms at their sides.


walk at least 20 feet away from your computer screen.

Just moving your eyes from one point to another keeps them from getting strained. Keep watching TV and always open your eyes and ears while you are reading or working on your laptop. And, if possible, go out of your room and sit outside for at least 20 minutes every day.


while you cannot stop wearing contacts,

you can always minimize their wear time by doing some simple exercises. Try to do some stretching exercises every day and change your lenses often. After a few weeks of these exercises, you can go back to reading or work without your contact lenses. These exercises will take care of the small strain on your eyes and will significantly reduce eye strains over time. However, if you are really in need of glasses, you may still need some glasses after these exercises.


you can also reduce glare by wearing sunglasses.

When you are working at the computer or working for long hours on the phone, you may experience eye strains because of reflections from the monitor or phone screen. Even though it is better to use shades or blinds when you are working on your computer screen, sometimes it is not practical. However, if you have some tinted or polarized glasses, glare would be lessened if not eliminated. In addition, if you have a pair of prescription glasses, these glasses can reduce glare as well.

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