How to Create Pretty Pink Lips

red lips as a symbol of health or virility


Most people view red lips as a symbol of health or virility. But there’s no real evidence that they’re any healthier than normal lip color, anyway. If someone normally has red lips, and then they turn red, that’s the only time when that is possible. In most cases, the pigmentation comes from inside of the lips rather than being caused by external stimuli like the sun’s rays or make-up.


Taking zinc supplements


Women with deeper shades of pinkish color to their lips tend to be more apt to suffer from vitamin deficiencies. The best way to get soft, full lips, naturally, is by increasing blood flow to the lips. Reducing the amount of fat on them by burning off that excess lip fat along with any excess lip cream or lotion can help, too. Adding more pink to your diet rich in vitamin C will also help make your lips softer and pinker. Taking zinc supplements (for women) or fish oil supplements (for men) can also help.


too much strawberry can make you extremely hungry


One easy, delicious, and completely natural way to add a hint of color to your lips is to add a few fresh strawberries to your diet. Eating strawberries every day will make your lips a little pinker. Some women even eat their husbands’ strawberries! Just be careful about how much you eat; too much strawberry can make you extremely hungry. Coconut oil has the same effect, so adding a few drops to a glass of water and enjoying your dinner is an easy, inexpensive, and tasty way to add a bit of color to your lips without spending any money at all at the beauty parlor.


natural ways for you to get pinkish lips


There are several other easy, delicious, and natural ways for you to get pinkish lips without spending money at all. For instance, did you know that chewing gum can have the same effect as applying fake blush to your cheeks? It will not make you appear very pretty at all, but it certainly does smell good and will give you a nice, pouty look for a short period.


eating foods that naturally boost your beauty


Besides just eating foods that naturally boost your beauty, you can also apply different kinds of makeup to your lips. To get the kind of effect that you want, use a concealer that is both lightweight and can hide the defects of your skin. If your lips are blemished, use some sort of dark concealer that will absorb the light and make your skin appear darker. And finally, use homemade cosmetics and lip glosses to make your lips look incredible!


You can exfoliate using a loofah sponge


Exfoliating your body can help you get that beautiful glow that you have always wanted. However, it does take time and is sometimes a little messy. There are some wonderful exfoliating creams that you can purchase at your local drugstore. You can exfoliate using a loofah sponge, an exfoliating brush, or even a pumice stone. The important thing is to find one that is both gentle and effective at removing those ugly bumps and imperfections on your skin!

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