healthy alternatives to potato chips

Healthy Alternatives for Snacks

Did you know that there are healthy alternatives to potato chips? Have you ever noticed how some people can have a craving for something salty without really wanting it? For instance, a person could crave a salty dish like fries, or even a shrimp cocktail, and not be able to completely deny their craving. Why is this?


Chances are if you go out to eat at a restaurant

the dish will be served with a thick, rich source of butter. This is where the problem starts. What is often served as a healthy alternative to a rich source of butter is either a sweet potato, which has a somewhat chewy texture, or a very sweet one, but has very little flavor (and often no flavor at all). Because of this, when a person who has suffered from a sweet potato craving comes home, they immediately notice the absence of the butter. This not only makes their craving for the sweet potato dish disappear but also leaves them hungry for something else, so they end up eating more fried foods.


This same phenomenon can happen to someone who suffers

from a salty addiction. For instance, if you love to eat a bar of chocolate, but have been told by your doctor that your intake of sodium is too high, instead of simply going out to eat a bar of chocolate, why not swap it for a healthier alternative like a banana? Bananas have a delicious cheesy texture and flavor but are actually higher in potassium than a bar of chocolate. The same effect can be achieved by swapping a bar of chocolate for a banana, or even by swapping an entire bag of potato chips for a handful of raw chocolate chips. In this way, you can enjoy a delicious snack without loading up on sodium while still enjoying a healthier option.


Pieces of bread such as whole wheat bread

are also among the healthier alternatives to chips and other forms of fried food. While chips are made from highly refined flour, whole wheat bread contains whole wheat flour, which has its own benefits. Whole wheat bread has fewer calories and fewer trans fats and has a milder flavor than its white bread counterpart. It also provides more fiber, which provides both dietary fiber and extra energy (without being fattening). Fiber is needed for energy production, and in moderation, can help weight loss, but in excess, it can cause constipation, bloating, and gas.


Another healthy alternative you can make

is to replace some of your regular salad dressing with a high-quality jar of healthy alternatives that incorporates one or more vegetables into the dressing. One very tasty replacement is to replace your mayonnaise with high-quality, cultured avocado. Avocado is rich in protein and vitamin A has a lower glycemic index than most other fruits and provides a wide range of nutrients, including protein, potassium, fiber, magnesium, and many other vitamins. By substituting avocado for mayonnaise, you can improve the taste and nutrient value of your salad dressings and also increase your daily intake of fiber.


Finally, consider that healthy alternative for chips

might include pretzels or other crackers made from whole-wheat flour with no hydrogenated oils or sodium salt. With these snack choices, you can enjoy a snack without worrying about the high sodium in the chips. Instead, you will have a snack that is healthy and satisfying. And, while you’re at it, why not add some fresh, tangy baked chips to your diet plan!

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