Effective Ways to Get a Divorce

How much divorce costs?

When a married couple is wanting to end their marriage, divorce is an option. But what happens next? How long does the divorce procedure take?

What is considered a marriage in one state may not be in another? Can a couple who have been married for many years to be considered married in another state if they both agree? How can a divorce occur after one spouse has lived in the same community all their lives? Where can a divorce occur if one of the spouses has a college degree? If both parties live in different communities.

is there a way to become divorced without heading to court?

Most states require that an uncontested divorce occurs. This means that both parties accept the terms of the divorce and both agree to stop living with each other and go their separate ways. Sometimes one party will hire a lawyer and file the divorce papers while the other spouse does it themselves. Many couples will agree to these terms beforehand though and that makes the divorce process much quicker and cheaper too.

Many people wonder how a divorce can happen when one spouse is the sole wage earner and does not have any children yet. In this case the judge will give each party visitation rights. If the separation is amicable and both parties agree to child custody, the judge will make a decision about custody based on the best interests of the child. It may be that joint legal and medical expenses will be shared or only one parent will have primary custody. The judge will make these decisions in an unbiased manner.


In some cases, divorce is because one spouse was unable to provide for the needs of the other. This can be due to a job loss, a death of a spouse or just a bad economy. In such cases the spouses can enter into a prenuptial agreement. Under a prenuptial agreement the spouse who pays less can be expected to live considerably more than the other. This can be expensive if you have a prenuptial agreement as it requires legal fees. However if your relationship was strong before the marriage, this may not be an issue and your divorce will be much faster.

Divorces are never easy. But divorces can be quicker and cheaper if both spouses enter into a mutual agreement prior to the marriage. By doing so you will save time and money for yourself as well as your new spouse. Also by using divorce as a business opportunity for many, it has become a viable business venture.

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