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Contact Lens Care Tips

Soft contact lenses are thin, gel-like plastics that conform to the eye’s front surface. Hydrogel lenses became popular in the 1970s, making it easier for people to wear them. Previously, hard contact lenses were made of PMMA plastic. They took weeks to adapt to and many people could not tolerate them. The hydrogel lenses are a better choice for those who need their eyes corrected and don’t want to wear glasses.

Several Things So Remember When Choosing And Using Contact Lenses

The FDA and American Optometric Association regulate all contact lens products sold in the U.S. These lenses are highly resistant to deposits and tend to be less expensive over their life cycle. However, they are not as comfortable at first as soft contacts and can take a few weeks to get used to. The American Optometric Association has more information on contact lens care. Nevertheless, there are several things to remember when choosing and using contact lenses.

Keep Your Contacts Clean

First of all, always keep your contacts clean. It is important to remember that lenses can irritate your eyes. This is usually caused by the pH difference between the tear and the solution, and it fades with time. It is also possible that your lens is damaged or dirty. If it is, you should immediately remove it and visit an eye care professional. You should also be very careful when handling them, so make sure that you wash them thoroughly.

Lenses Are Not Too Dirty

Second, you need to make sure that your lenses are not too dirty. This might be a sign of infection. If your lenses are too dirty, it could cause irritation. You should clean them properly before wearing them again. A few drops of solution on a cloth will also prevent your lenses from getting too uncomfortable. If you are not sure about the type of solution you should use for your contacts, visit an eye care professional. If they are uncomfortable, you should stop wearing them.

Follow The Instructions

Third, you must follow the instructions that come with your contact lens. For the best results, you should wear your contact lenses regularly for at least two weeks. If you wear your contacts every day, you need to make sure that they are properly cleaned. For this, you should clean them after every use. Moreover, you should avoid using soaps that contain heavy moisturizers or alcohol. Lastly, remember to wash your hands before handling your lenses.

Incorrect Removal Of Your Lenses

Lastly, you should follow the instructions given to you by the manufacturer of your contact lens. Incorrect removal of your lenses can damage your contact lens and harm your eyes. The incorrect method can also damage your lenses and harm your eyes. The recommended method is to pull the eyelids together tightly, squeeze them and squeezing them by using your fingers. By pulling your eyes together, you can use your thumb and index finger. For the second step, hold your hands under your eye and gently move the contacts.

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