Canoe And Kayak Sports

Canoe and kayaking, sometimes called kayaking or canoeing, is the action of paddling, typically, kayaking or canoeing, in a canoe or on a kayak when being towed by both gravity and a boat engine. Unlike canoes, kayaks have a single wheel base and are towed along by the motor of the kayak. There are many models of canoes, and every kayak manufacturer has different features available.

Canoe And Kayak


Canoeing is a sport that originated in early nineteenth century England, where the canoe was a sailing ship and the kayak was a paddle. The sport of kayaking spread to North America and the rest of the world with the Second World War. Modern day canoes and kayaks can be compared to earlier primitive vessels via their design and functionality. Modern canoes are much more advanced than the earliest canoes. The sport of kayaking offers extreme sports entertainment and offers great enjoyment.


In modern day canoeing and kayaking there are several possibilities for paddling options. Paddles and rudders are no longer used, due to the difficulty of controlling the canoe and causing the canoe to capsize or sink if rudders are used at the wrong angle. Newer types of kayaks, which imitate some of the early designs of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, are equipped with canals that allow for “safe” rapids. These types of rapids are more difficult to master but offer more adventure than other rapids found on most lakes and rivers.

One of the most popular modern day canoes and kayaks are the Outrigger Canoe and Kayak, which were designed by a kayak enthusiast and sportsman, while using canoes as their primary mode of travel. The invention of the outrigger canoe has allowed many new types of sport and recreational water sport to take place. Many new variations of this sport have been developed since its conception and many exciting new places have been discovered for outrigger canoeing and kayaking adventures.


Flatwater sprinting has also gained in popularity. In flatwater sprinting a paddler will use rudders attached to the kayak to propel themselves forward. A paddler using a canoe style or inflatable kayak is often referred to as a sprint man or woman. A person can choose to sprint on their own, in teams, or in a group. Canoe polo is a very similar type of sport where a player or team of players sprint on a flatwater lake or river.

Another form of canoeing and kayaking is the “blade” canoe, which was made popular by Steve McQueen in 1983. In the movie “Lion King”, the main character uses a narrow blade’s Canoe. This narrow shape makes the Canoe very maneuverable and makes for faster paddling. Canoeing and kayaking can be one of the most fun, exciting and invigorating sports that one can participate in.

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