Build Your Own Wind Turbine – A Clean Renewable Energy

The following article will explore what is Wind Energy and how can it benefit us

Wind energy is the conversion of wind into mechanical force to produce electricity using a wind turbine. Wind energy is now becoming one of the most promising alternative energy resources. Wind energy can be harnessed in a number of different ways depending upon how big a turbine you need and the amount of energy you need. Wind energy is an extremely viable, sustainable, green energy resource which has a considerably smaller impact on our environment than burning fossil fuels, such as coal.

Wind turbines use the force of wind to spin a generator, which creates electricity. The energy can then be stored for later use, such as for the production of electric power for homes and other commercial applications. There are two basic types of wind energy: a direct method and an indirect method. In a direct method, wind power is converted directly to electricity. In an indirect method, a generator is spun by the wind and the energy is stored in a reservoir or other such storage device and then used when necessary.

high temperatures to generate electricity

An example of an indirect wind energy system is known as a wood-burning furnace. This furnace is commonly found in older homes in the western part of the U.S., such as in the eastern states. Wood is burned at high temperatures to generate electricity. If you live in an older home it may be possible to get away with using this type of system, as many older houses do not have modern ventilation systems. Wood burning furnaces consume a lot of natural resources and pollute the air, especially if you use large quantities of wood.

Although the government has mandated that all U.S. residents have access to electricity by 2010, many areas are still waiting for the required transmission lines. The transmission lines are needed to connect the wind turbines to the power grid, so that people can purchase electricity from the power grid and sell it to their local electric companies. Right now, many areas cannot afford to buy extra electricity from the power grid, so they have to rely on their own sources of energy.

buy extra electricity from the power grid

Many states are taking advantage of wind energy by allowing the production of electricity by some private landowners. The production of electricity by these private landowners is often enough to supply the power needs of the area, although the amount of electricity produced varies depending on wind speeds and seasons. This means that the production of electricity by these landowners may actually be enough to completely replace the need for conventional electricity generated by power plants. This makes the production of wind turbines an excellent opportunity for a clean renewable source of energy.

As stated above, wind energy is a clean energy. It produces no harmful gases or pollutants, and it does not damage the environment. This makes wind energy an excellent clean energy. If you want to generate electricity for your home, using wind energy would be a great choice. So start today and build or buy a wind turbine to start using clean energy to reduce or eliminate your electricity bills!

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