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Becoming A Personal Trainer

There has been an ever-increasing number of people wanting to become Personal Trainers. As one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, there is a definite need for Personal Trainer services. Personal Trainer jobs are available in all areas and are very interesting and rewarding. There are many different career paths available to become a Personal Trainer and the number of years you have experience will affect your choice of employment opportunities.


If you want to get a stronger or bulkier Personal Trainer

training may be something you consider. The basic job is to assess the client’s needs and then design a program to help the client achieve their goals. There are now more than 30,000 Personal Trainers registered Australia-wide! The overwhelming majority of them got into the personal training industry by signing up for a certification course and achieved at least a Certificate 3 and/or 4 in Personal Trainer. Of those, most have been in the personal training industry for less than 2 years.


As Personal Trainer

you are always in charge and the role requires a lot of dedication. You have to create a program that will help you assess the clients’ fitness needs and help them achieve their long-term or short-term fitness goals. The best Personal Trainer will also have a lot of contacts from their previous clients and will know what products are popular and what is not. You will be involved in the assessment, planning, and implementation of the program. In this role, you will be involved in addressing issues and problems as they arise. You will also have to plan exercises, prescribe workout programs, create a diet and motivate the client to follow through with the plan.


To become a Personal Trainer,

you have to complete either an online personal training course or an equivalent program where the curriculum is taught on campus. Once you have completed the course, you will need to apply for a job interview. You should aim to achieve a good employer by having an attractive resume, an updated professional photograph, and a passion for your career. A certificate from an online fitness industry body such as the Commission on Physical Fitness Accreditation (CPCA) is necessary to join the fitness profession in most states.


In the beginning, there was a huge requirement

for Personal Trainer jobs in the general fitness world. However as time has gone on most Fitness Professionals are now concentrating on certain areas such as Diabetes, Nutrition, Personal Training, Skin Therapy, and Thai Boxing. These areas of specialization provide a much better understanding of what Personal Trainer jobs are all about and further aid the fitness professional to choose the area that best suits their lifestyle and goals.


Some of the techniques

that will be taught by a qualified personal trainer include: Strength Training to build resistance, Nutrition to improve a fitness person’s health and wellbeing, Breathing and Cardio Exercise to improve the fitness of the heart and lungs, Behavioral Change to alter behavior and attitudes towards health and fitness. These changes are usually subtle, however, they can have significant impacts on the person’s daily life. For example, by improving the strength of the legs a Personal Trainer can help an athlete avoid knee injuries. By introducing cardiovascular exercises into the daily routine of a Personal Trainer can also reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels. Behavior change is also a technique that is becoming more popular as many people suffer from obesity or other health issues that make it difficult to make healthy choices. As a result, many Personal Trainers are engaging in behavior modification to encourage people to eat healthier, exercise, and lead healthy lives.

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