All You Wanted to Know About Dental Assistant

Working as a Dental Assistant puts you in an administrative position with a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Your job description may sound simple but it is not. It is an intense profession and you need to know that you are the backbone of the dental practice. If you are looking for a career change that will provide you the necessary skills to be competitive then becoming a dental assistant is perfect for you. You can either work for a dentist or take up a job in a clinic offering dental services.

Dental Assistant


You can either get a two-year diploma as a Dental Assistant or get a four year degree which covers most of the subjects that the regular college offers. The training courses are conducted by some schools and can last for a couple of months. It is good to be trained properly since this is the backbone of your career as a Dental Assistant. Other than theoretical training, you also get practical training during your years as a dental assistant jobs.


Your training will start with classroom work, where you learn about dental procedures, formulae and other terminologies that are important for the job. You need to be aware of the different types of instruments and equipments needed for each procedure. This is imperative since they are used to carry out different procedures. You will also learn about different kinds of dental equipments that are used in the office. It is your responsibility to present your patients with friendly and professional attitude. You should have knowledge about various dental procedures and this is what you get by going through a Dental Assistant School.


After undergoing a proper training course, you can now get jobs in dental offices. A few people opt to go on to a career as a Dental Director or Dental hygienist. There are many administrative positions open in these offices and you can always look for one that suits your qualifications and experience. Your job as a dental assistant may range from giving x-rays and helping the dentist in his work to working as an oral surgeon.

There are certain institutions that conduct Dental Assistant School so that fresher’s can get a chance to work. There are many duties that are performed by dental assistants and they include doing routine cleaning in dental clinics, sterilizing dental tools and equipment and preparing the patient for dental treatments. As a result of the growing popularity of dentists, more people are opting for a career in dentistry. This is why a Dental Assistant job is one of the most sought after jobs in this field. If you are looking forward to starting a career in dentistry then you can opt for a Dental Assistant course.

There are certain formalities that you have to fulfill if you wish to become a certified dental assistant. These institutions also conduct certain tests to ensure that the trainee is fit for the job. You need to have a clean Dental Assistant background as this helps the dentist recognize your capability and potential for the job. The basic requirements for the job are good height and head. A certification from a specialized body is an added advantage.

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